Business context

We have worked with a client whose requirement was an advanced and interactive colouring book, containing interesting stories along with different types of Animals, Alphabets and more. Along with this we have also worked with a product based company to expand their market by creating an interactive gaming session to increase their brand awareness. It is interesting how we developed technological solutions to these sets of problems using gamification.


For the first problem, we designed an application accordingly and added more features that would let the user paint the AR character and interact with other 3D objects in real time. While for the second we worked with a level based game to help the user navigate through these levels while coming to know more about the brand. What this does is create a perception of the brand in the user’s mind that they have not been exposed to before. Gamification is the use of game mechanics, behavioural elements and design techniques in non-gaming contexts. .

The Impact

After application of gamification, we observed that it made moral articles more interesting for the target audience and presented a more virtual form of colouring books. For the other project sales were up in numbers as the brand image was solidified with positive values. The beauty of gamification is that it can lend itself to many different purposes – it's being used for marketing, company culture building, project management, recruitment or even taking care of employee health. Here are 10 examples of excellent use of gamification in business context.