Software and Applications

Today's environment, many of these off-the-shelf solutions are inefficient and unsuitable for the unique needs of business owners. We at Guidona hence provide solutions for each organization's need and the solutions are developed and constructed, and they also answer user’s demands precisely.

Gaming & Visualizations

Gamification isn’t simply games built for business purposes. Rather, it is all about expanding the implementation of an already existing experience or process in the business, as opposed to building something new from scratch.


We at Guidona provide solutions using NLP for each organization's need and the solutions are developed and constructed, and they also answer user’s demands precisely. Smartbots are a great example of use of NLP have a variety of applications in today's corporate environment. Smartbots have made their way into a variety of businesses, from enhancing user engagement to playing a key role in the lead conversion process.

Technical Consulting

We as Technology Consultants work with clients to help them transform the way they use technology. Traditionally, our transformations have been geared towards improving business processes, reducing costs, maximizing use of tech opportunities, and more. Today, they encompass so much more – from digital strategy to technology change projects.


Business leaders, IT managers, executive advisors, analysts and Automation experts of today would not be surprised by the expansion of Automation in the enterprise. Automation can significantly lower costs, increase efficiency and boost productivity as well as create avenues into new products, services and markets.

Design & Marketing

Designing and Marketing are two important parameters for managing a business. Marketing is something that builds interest among a user and facilitates a buying decision of particular products while designing is something that attracts a user and helps to communicate the brand with their audience.


From optimizing efficiency to improving security there is hard to think of any avenue technology hasn’t integrated with. We have consistently worked with diverse businesses to nurture their businesses with suitable technologies. From horizons of AR , gamification to Virtual assistants for tech support we have covered it all. Consult with us to see what fits with you bet.

Why choose Guidona for custom software development ?

We provide quality software development services and can build a web or mobile solution that perfectly fits your requirements. Competently. Hustle-free. In a timely fashion
Strong expertise

Our team consists of experienced tech savvies truly dedicated to the work they do. We use best practices, know industry trends, and constantly improve.

Comprehensive approach

To offer the best possible solution, we always analyze client’s business goals and the main idea behind a product before writing the first line of code.

Client-centric attitude

For our software development company, client satisfaction is the first priority. That’s why we strive to exceed the initial expectations in many ways.

Flexible cooperation model

We can adapt our processes to the project needs and give our clients the opportunity to choose a cooperation model that suits their financial capabilities best.

Fair pricing

We offer the supreme quality of services at a reasonable price and try to increase the project’s cost-effectiveness in every single case.


We believe that trust is the foundation for success. Our clients have full access to their projects and can make sure that everything goes smoothly at any time.

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