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Providing Smart Business Solutions



An AI-Enabled smart auto responder Lead generator tool, developed using NLP/NLU to convert your online traffic into hot lead.

E-Learning Applications

Using Latest technologies and various Research we develop E-learning Applications for students, which can help them in learning and Growing


As we all are familiar with gaming and it’s power of engagement, We at Guidona using it in different sectors to make it more Interesting and Engaging.Like Branding, Learning & Development, research e.t.c., 

Augmented/Virtual Reality Solutions

We are using AR/VR in different sectors for making games and simulations.Some
sectors are Real Estate,Infrastructure,
Education,Health e.t.c, 

AR Live Coloring Book

We are providing Many business Solutions using Facial Recognition like jewellery TryOn, Face Filters, Security Systems e.t.c,

Brand Activations

We use the latest technologies and methodologies to provide the best brand activations for big FMCG companies

Facial Recongnition App

Using Deep Learning we have developed facial recognition apps which can be used in various industries like, people monitoring, attendance system e.t.c.,

Smart Web/App Solutions

We provide Websites and Applications(Ios/Android) solution and make it smart by implementing AI into it.

Role of technology in solving Business and real Life Problems

There are two types of mindset in the world, First are those who are doing business by inventing technologies or doing research on them, and Second are those who use that technology to solve a business or real life or day to day problems……

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A few things we’re great at

Computer Vision

Implementing facial Recognition in many sectors like Security, Entertainment, Virtual Tryon for Jewellery e.t.c., we are providing the best business solutions in this Industry.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a hot cake in the market and we are providing many solutions in VR for industries like Real-Estate, Infrastructure, Entertainment, Gaming, Industrial Training e.t.c.,

Augmented Reality

After the huge success of pokemon go, people started talking about AR and it came into limelight, we are providing many solutions into it like AR Live Coloring Book, AR for Infra, AR for Machineries Demonstration e.t.c.,

E-Learning Applications

Digital education is one of the most demanding and required things, we at guidona develop E-learning Games, Applications and providing Digital Apps which can help in engaging students and making study fun.

Website Design & Development

We Provide Website design and development solution to our clients and customize it according to their requirement.

Application Development

We Provide application development solution for Android, Ios and windows platform, and have implemented latest tech like big data and AI into it. We also develop softwares/tools for different platforms like web-Based softwares, or desktop softwares e.t.c.,.


Use of Computer Vision In Industry

Computer Vision is basically a form of AI (Artificial Intelligence), where a computer can understand our environment by watching it, it can analyze on the basis of data provided to it. We usually provide graphical data to the computer in order to teach them, that how our world looks like, how things differ from each other, what is the difference between objects and so on. The best example of computer vision is self-driving car, how it works, so basically it’s a process through which we feed visual data to our computer and on the basis of that data it starts understanding that where is road, where is pedestrian, difference between human, trees, street lights, difference between green, yellow and red signal, difference between a boy and a girl and so on….



Have you seen your kids watching cartoon or playing games without your permission till hours, until you interrupt them, it puts you in a dilemma that why you always have to bother about their studies any guesses ??
Actually it’s not anything magical but physiological while playing games or watching movies they got to engage in it, but there isn’t anything in books which can attract them. it’s just one example similarly in other sectors too, if people find anything indulging they want to do it again and again, and here comes the Gamification.

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