Business context

Guidona partnered with a Jewellery aggregator who desires a medium where users can virtually try-on ornaments without actually visiting the store, in such scenario we used our Virtual Try on solution as we know for brands, a virtual try-on can make a significant difference when it comes to marketing and sales. No matter if it’s a smart mirror in a physical store or a customized mobile application, a virtual try-on offers customers a realistic, personalized product presentation in seconds. Customers can try out dozens of products instantly, and even get related product recommendations, encouraging up sales.


With the support of the Computer Vision concept, our team created an application available on both iOS and Android that scans the user's body parts like face, hand and more before augmenting the jewellery over it in real time. In the other back-end part of the project, we used deep-learning to create a system which assimilates raw images as input with few parameters before removing the background of the image automatically and displaying it in AR.

The Impact

Virtual Try-On provided a source to solve the hindrance of place by acting as a utility in their setup. This helped the business reach more users and expand easily. The Automation of Image also helped in saving the time and financial resources by preventing duplication of processes. A virtual try-on can also help reduce the huge costs that often incur due to the return of goods, especially at a time of the global pandemic when customers are increasingly buying online and approaching every physical contact with caution.