Business context

To give a more business dimension to a Smartbot, we worked alongside a vast functioning legal firm to develop a Smartbot. The main requirement was to build a Smartbot that can help their users to navigate their website and their resources efficiently and easily. This was majorly important as it helps in building user retention and customer satisfaction. For a field like law there is a possibility that majority of the users are unaware of lot of jargons and technical terms. This makes having a Smartbot 24*7 to resolve any query even more important. It is innovative to think how this legal-business problem can be solved by unique technological interventions.


Our team created an AI enabled smart Smartbot, trained with huge amount of data that would respond accordingly after understanding the user's behaviour. We also added more features that would enable the Smartbot to understand user's query, schedule meetings, collect data and more. Smartbots can deliver more personalized experiences than customer service specialists that have no time to prepare for your call and need to understand the context during the call. A Smartbot can access the history of your interactions with the company to deliver a personalized experience.

The Impact

From the development of our Smartbot, we observed that the general visitors took interest in the website and soon there were a lot more ‘hot leads’. The firm was able to save at time and good amount of capital that was regularly being invested in the Tech support. Businesses must be at the top of their game now more than ever before or risk losing customers. Fortunately, new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) are assisting businesses in not just streamlining internal operations but also improving the consumer experience.