Business context

We worked with a Government Travel Statutory body, who had the problem on to identify and analyse key sentiments of their customers. This involved making their services better for customers by collecting data input from them regarding any issue or point of service and also by collecting feedback on how to be better. The problem also involved to accommodate an alert system in cases of any emergency or urgencies.


We came up with a sentiment analysis tool that could use NLP to decode and identify key terms like “require, was bad/good, service/maintenance, emergency” used on social media posts, tweets and submissions made to the government agency on their social media handles. This is faster method to analyse customer data than any human method. Based on the reviews generated through sentiment analysis in business, we can always adjust to the present market situation and satisfy your customers in a better way. Overall, we can make immediate decisions with automated insights. Business intelligence is all about staying dynamic throughout.

The Impact

With the help of our implementation the Government Agency was able to make its services better, utilise opportunities to make their management even more efficient, identify key emergencies and work towards resolving them. A business breathes on the gratification of its customers. The experience of the customers can either be positive, negative or neutral. Owing to the internet savvy era, this experience becomes the text of their social posting and online feedback. The tone and temperament of this data can be detected and then categorized according to the sentiments attached.