Business context

The client wanted to onboard a company for overall technical Management. The business need was to create decision making Analytical reports, managing Data Lake, Portal Maintenance and Creating infrastructure of new system.


Guidona led the tech team of the company and performed multiple operations to help support the tech part of Next-Door Photos.
  1. We Helped them in creating the Data-Lake and making it more efficient.
  2. We appointed a Technical Head at NDP(Next Door Photos) to lead the tech team and lead all the technical projects.
  3. We used multiple BI Tools(Power-BI, Zoho Analytics, Tableau) to generate Reports.
  4. We created and used multiple tools and software's to Automate their manual processes.

The Impact

  1. The company is now having a centralized data lake to handle all the data coming from more than 60 locations.
  2. Many Manual processes have been removed to help save budgets and make processes faster.
  3. Smart reports helped the organization to make Marketing and sales decisions better.
  4. Appointed Technical head help the organization in better communication with Vendors and virtual assistants.