Business context

A Corporation might use Facial recognition for several different aspects like marketing where customers reaction can help target advertisements for payments as facial recognition can be a gateway for security. But the most major application of the field has been in authentication and security, A field we at Guidona have also worked in, a corporation required us to develop an attendance system using a better form of technology, we chose AI- facial recognition to go ahead with. As a solution this has worked wonders.


We decided to develop an attendance based system that would work on the facial presence of the person this is innovative as it is better than other conventional form of attendance. Fingerprints have been used for attendance maintenance but facial recognition is a better option as it paces over the glitches and error fingerprints can cause. Further more research on can help facial data for better HR tools like employee satisfaction and productivity.

The Impact

The applications utilizing facial recognition are widespread. You've probably already interacted with this technology, perhaps without even realizing it. Developments in the field of facial recognition are occurring at a rapid pace. Businesses that want to use facial recognition apps need to understand this and approach their strategies with care and consideration. Those that successfully manage to do this are sure to reap the benefits of facial recognition.