Business context

The Company with more than 300 employees is looking for a custom made application to track employee target progress. This achievement vs employee data has to applied on a real time basis to identify the employees who are behind and give them a push. A quarterly sale incentive program which was launched also had to integrated to work on input and output.


We decided to develop a mobile application which connected directly sales systems, monitoring the target vs achievement numbers on a real time basis, another thing it does function is to give individuals a view of others around them under the same geographical area, this works as an excellent feedback loop. Overall, it measured targets er volume and vice versa. It also compares performance over past 3 months to indicate any exceptions. Another interesting service we added was the chat feature and social wall.

The Impact

The CEO of the company to the managers all are connected and function on this application now. Success of application has led to more modules being added into this Currently the application is getting extended to the distributor network and give them right visibility of the business they are doing.