Business context

The Client had a base of a 300 marketers and promoters, marketing and promoting their brands on client’s platform. The requirement of client was to identify the city wise demographic of the brands promoted so the promoters can create engagement. Monitoring this system to track promoters’ activities to operate and observe client and promoter interactions. Hence full control of the system is a priority.


We decided to develop a mobile application which promoters can use while contacting their respective clients. The main feature was to connect this app to client's phone and sales data and display outlets accordingly. Location of promoters sets up geo fence that can analyse customer interaction. Whenever SOP logic is violated by promoter a notification is sent to the management. This also works as an excellent feedback loop.

The Impact

The application led to promoter productivity increasing from 15-20% to 30%. Even before the marketing posts the general engagement was boosted by 10%. The application also empowered the consumer with feedback loops, and has helped upper management navigate the demands better. Real time feedback is one of the modern essentials of businesses, understanding which consumer group makes which selections is really important.