Business context

Surveys are the most important form of capturing data. Traditionally what we notice is a lot of them show a skewness in data due to being overclaimed and more of positive response dropping by. We needed to develop an implicit action test to reflect the true feelings towards a brand.


So, to beat the traditional survey mechanism we developed the implicit action test to be integrated along with a game. What this led to was instead of putting their feelings on a scale of choosing a particular image that reflects the brand, the feedback givers had to play a game that does the similar. What this leads to is more honest review as psychologically you are in the game hence always going for the right choice as first impression, rather than biases. .

The Impact

After application of gamification, we observed that it IAT made a more segmented analysis of surveys with the true feelings people have for the brand. This is amusing as traditional research showed 80% top of the box results for the brand. IAT were repeatedly able to discriminating and share brand strength score which was missing in traditional surveys